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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Start of Something New

I've never been very good at introductions.  Actually, there are a lot of things that I've never been very good at, but right now, introductions are the ones that count.  So I'll just jump right in....

Right now, I'm at an interesting place spiritually.  For six years I've identified as a Celtic Polytheist (though some just called me "druid"), yet for the last year or so I've wanted to expand my spiritual horizons, or something corny like that.  And then came Bast.  I've never had more than a passing interest in Ancient Egyptian religion, yet I found Bast to be very accessible.  She's well-known even today, and in my experience is all around very likable.  Also, she has an undeniable sort of appeal to someone who loves cats and is the proud momma of one.  Anyway, my own personal devotion to the goddess led to a desire to find a more culturally specific way to do so, which I have been searching for over the last couple of months.  All of that searching eventually led me to Kemetic Orthodoxy, whose beginner's classes I will be starting later this month.

At first it was very difficult to even picture the two paths being practiced side by side, much less together, and for a while I even resisted doing so.  I think I just didn't know how to reconcile the two, since they come from very different parts of the world, and on the outside they seem so different.  Also... I was kind of afraid.  It sounds silly to admit to myself now, but I was afraid that my new found devotion for the Kemetic gods would somehow get in the way of or diminish the relationship that I have with my beloved Celtic gods.  I was afraid that the differences ran so deep that they wouldn't get along or want to share.

Happily, I have since found that that is not the case.  (Gods tend to be a bit more mature than that!)  But there are a lot of  strange and interesting things about following two religious paths.  So to bring this all around to the point, that's what this blog is about.  It's going to be my place to muse and speculate, to try to figure out all the things that have to do with being a newly claimed Celtic/Kemetic Polytheist, Kemetic Druid, or Chick Who Has No Idea What She's Doing.

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