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Thursday, January 19, 2012

RPD, Anyone?

My beginner’s course is over, and I’ve decided to become a Remetj of Kemetic Orthodoxy and undertake the Rite of Parent Divination.  Part of me wishes I could say that I struggled with those decisions, that I thought long and hard about them before coming to some great understanding that I lacked before. But I have to say, they were two easy decisions to make.

I like KO. I like what it is all about, I like the people I’ve met, and I like performing Senut. I really feel that it is a place I fit in spiritually, and being a Remetj gives me that place without requiring any of the ties that comes with official conversion or vows. So why not become a Remetj, a friend of the faith? I’ve got no answers for that one.
As for the RPD, there was never a doubt in my mind that I wanted it done. Yet Hemet (AUS) has advised those of us in the beginner’s course not to rush into the decision, so I’ve tried stepping back and giving the matter a closer look.
I am immensely curious about the RPD. It might sound bad to say, but that curiosity is the driving force behind my decision. While there are Netjeru who I am close to now, I don’t feel anxious about the prospect of not having them show up in the divination. But who will show up? Will it be one of the gods that I am currently familiar with, or someone completely unexpected? Will they in any way reflect the Celtic gods that I am close to, and if so, how? Most of all, I want to see if my RPD is on the mark. Will I have, or find, a connection to those deemed to be my Parents and Beloveds? Will I see something of myself in them? Or something that I want to become?
I should say at this point that I don’t see the RPD as something that I need. I know that I would be able to find a patron (or Parent, if you will) and build strong relationships with the Netjeru on my own. So why bother? Because the RPD is like advice, is suppose, and I see no point in refusing advise if it is offered. I intend to take it to heart, to see where it leads me and what I can glean from it. Yet in the end, RPD or no, the relationships that I cultivate and how I choose to do so is up to me, and me alone.