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Monday, January 21, 2013

A Sun Ritual

Sometimes, the simplest rituals are the most meaningful. Imagine going outside at dawn, lighting some incense, and then singing a song of praise to the sun as it rises....

I want to share with you a song I learned during my time at the temple. It can be used as I describe above, the crown of a simple outdoor ceremony, or integrated into a more elaborate ritual of any style. The song (and accompanying ritual, if you wish) is perfect to perform at sunrise or on the winter solstice. Or whenever the mood strikes you. I often sing it on cold days when the sun has come out to warm me up. In fact, because I enjoy singing it so much, I frequently find myself singing it just for the hell of it!

So here it is, "The Sun":

Welcome to you, O Sun of the Season!
You, walking high in the heavens,
your footsteps strong on the wings of the heights;
you, the adored Mother of the Stars.

You lie down in the destructive ocean
without misfortune and without fear;
you rise up on the forked wave of peace,
a queenly maiden blooming.